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List of Antarctica Embassies/Diplomatic missions of Antarctica location around the world

Antarctica Embassy FAQ

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How do I get to the embassy of Antarctica

There is no embassy of Antarctica.

How do I contact the embassy of Antarctica

The best way to contact the embassy of Antarctica is through their website.

What are the visa requirements to visit Antarctica

There are no formal visa requirements to visit Antarctica, but all visitors must be citizens or residents of countries that have signed the Antarctic Treaty.

What is the climate like in Antarctica

The climate of Antarctica is very cold and dry. The average temperature is -60 degrees Celsius (-76 degrees Fahrenheit). The average annual precipitation is only about 200 mm (8 inches).

What are the best times to visit Antarctica

The best times to visit Antarctica are November to March.

What are the things to do in Antarctica

There are many things to do in Antarctica, including visiting scientific research stations, going on wildlife safaris, and kayaking or camping in the wilderness.

What are the places to see in Antarctica

There are many places to see in Antarctica, including the South Pole, icebergs, and penguin colonies.

What are the things to eat in Antarctica

Some things that you can eat in Antarctica are seal, penguin, whale, and fish.

What is the currency of Antarctica

There is no official currency in Antarctica.

10. What is the population of Antarctica

The population of Antarctica is about 4,000 people.