Overview of Heard Island and McDonald Islands Weather

Situated in the Southern Ocean, Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) are two small volcanic islands. The weather in this region is characterised by strong winds, large waves and persistent low clouds. The average wind speed is around 50 km/h.

The islands experience persistent low clouds with an average cloud cover of around 70%. The cloud cover is often complete, with only a few breaks for the sun to shine through.

The average temperature is around 1-2 degrees Celsius, however, it can feel much colder due to the wind chill factor. The temperature can also drop below freezing point during the winter months.

Precipitation is low, averaging around 170 mm per year. Most of the rainfall occurs during the summer months.

Due to its location in the Southern Ocean, the islands are often affected by storms. These storms can bring strong winds, large waves and heavy rains.