Overview of Hong Kong S.A.R. Weather

Hong Kong lies in the east of the Pearl River Delta in southern China, west of the South China Sea and at the southern tip of the Chinese mainland. The territory includes over 200 islands, the largest being Lantau Island and the New Territories. The climate in Hong Kong is tropical and humid with cool winters and hot summers. The average temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius.

The rainy season in Hong Kong lasts from May to September, with June and July being the wettest months. October to December are the coolest months, with temperatures averaging 18 degrees Celsius. January and February are the driest months.

Hong Kong experiences a number of severe weather events each year, including typhoons, thunderstorms and cold snaps. Typhoons typically occur between May and November, with the most active months being July, August and September. Thunderstorms are most common between March and June. Cold snaps can occur between December and February.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the cooler months from October to December, or during the dry months from January to February.