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List of Norfolk Island Embassies/Diplomatic missions of Norfolk Island location around the world

Norfolk Island Embassy FAQ

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What is the contact information for the embassy of Norfolk Island

The contact information for the embassy of Norfolk Island is +672 3442136.

How can I obtain a visa to visit Norfolk Island

You need to apply for a Norfolk Island visa through the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

What are the requirements for entry into Norfolk Island

There are no entry requirements for Australian citizens and permanent residents. All other visitors must have a valid passport and an onward or return ticket.

What is the climate like on Norfolk Island

The climate is mild with average temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius in summer and 17 degrees Celsius in winter. There is little rainfall, although the island does experience some humidity.

What is the currency of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island does not have its own currency. The currency of Norfolk Island is the Australian dollar.

What is the time zone on Norfolk Island

The time zone on Norfolk Island is UTC+11:30.

What is the history of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean that was first settled by Polynesians in the 12th century. The island was later annexed by the British, and became a penal colony in the 18th century. The island was then transferred to Australia in 1914, and has since been used as a tourist destination and a nature reserve.

What are the attractions on Norfolk Island

Some of the attractions on Norfolk Island include the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area, the Norfolk Island National Park, and the Mt. Pitt Lookout.

What are the things to do on Norfolk Island

There are many things to do on Norfolk Island, including exploring the island's history, hiking and biking trails, swimming and snorkeling, and visiting the island's many restaurants and shops.

10. Are there any safety concerns on Norfolk Island

Yes, there are some safety concerns on Norfolk Island. These include the potential for snake and spider bites, as well as the possibility of getting lost in the bush.