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Overview of Antarctica

Numeric Code 10
Phone Code 672
Currency AAD
Currency Name Antarctican dollar
Currency Symbol $
TLD .aq
Native Antarctica
Region Polar
zoneName Antarctica Casey
gmtOffset 39600
gmtOffsetName UTC+11
abbreviation AWST
tzName Australian Western Standard Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Davis
gmtOffset 25200
gmtOffsetName UTC+07
abbreviation DAVT
tzName Davis Time}
{zoneName Antarctica DumontDUrville
gmtOffset 36000
gmtOffsetName UTC+10
abbreviation DDUT
tzName Dumont dUrville Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Mawson
gmtOffset 18000
gmtOffsetName UTC+05
abbreviation MAWT
tzName Mawson Station Time}
{zoneName Antarctica McMurdo
gmtOffset 46800
gmtOffsetName UTC+13
abbreviation NZDT
tzName New Zealand Daylight Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Palmer
gmtOffset -10800
gmtOffsetName UTC-03
abbreviation CLST
tzName Chile Summer Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Rothera
gmtOffset -10800
gmtOffsetName UTC-03
abbreviation ROTT
tzName Rothera Research Station Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Syowa
gmtOffset 10800
gmtOffsetName UTC+03
abbreviation SYOT
tzName Showa Station Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Troll
gmtOffset 0
gmtOffsetName UTC\u00b100
abbreviation GMT
tzName Greenwich Mean Time}
{zoneName Antarctica Vostok
gmtOffset 21600
gmtOffsetName UTC+06
abbreviation VOST
tzName Vostok Station Time