Overview of Sweden Weather

Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe. The country is known for its beautiful scenery, its mild weather, and its long summer days. The average temperature in Sweden is -2.5°C in January and 18.5°C in July.

The Swedish climate is influenced by three air masses: the Atlantic air mass, the Continental air mass, and the Arctic air mass. The Atlantic air mass comes from the west and brings with it warm and moist air. The Continental air mass comes from the east and is colder and drier. The Arctic air mass comes from the north and is very cold and dry.

Sweden experiences four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Winter in Sweden starts in December and lasts until March. The average temperature during winter is -5°C. Spring starts in April and lasts until May. The average temperature during spring is 5°C. Summer starts in June and lasts until August. The average temperature during summer is 20°C. Autumn starts in September and lasts until November. The average temperature during autumn is 10°C.

Sweden is a beautiful country to visit during any season. The country has something to offer everyone, from its stunning scenery to its mild weather.